Sabtu, 9 Januari 2010

What an Excited Moment!

Maaf ya, kerana entri kali ini ditulis dalam bahsa Inggeris. Barangkali bisa diubah nama kepada Diomand of Nusantara..(^_^)

I cant hide my feeling that I really miss my students at Sekolah Islam Adni...yesterday i got messeges from Kak najwa telling me that some of my students during primary one are now in her class in primary two. I did mention to her to change their seats in the classroom because of its going to make some of them keep on talking and ignore teachers during the lesson.

Teaching children really taugh me to be a patient women and of course a patient mother one day!

I love teaching Science subject to them because of they always asked me so much questions about the nature,animals,earth,moon,sun and others related to science! I still remember when i taugh the lesson of Mixing Things! Syafiq asked me a question after we made an experiment on sand and water,the sand didnt disappear after it is being stirred,which means that the sand cannot dissolve in water. Syafiq curiously stood and asked me,

'Teacher, why sand cannot and never dissolve in water'
and I simply clarify to him that,
'because Allah created sand which is cannot dissolve in water,if the sand dissolve in water,will the plants keep alive after they are showered?will you could see the sand at the seaside after the wave come?because plants need sand to get food....and we need sand to protect living things on lands....Allah is so powerfull...Subhanallah!

In fact, i am not only being a teacher. i tried to be a Murabbi...telling them about science which related to the powerfull of our creator, Allah is the greatest! that will enhance their behavior to be a better person by take Allah as the source of their daily inspiration in life..and after a day, i accidently met my students at the school canteen...and Wafiqa approached and holded my hand, trying to tell me about something...softly she said..

'Teacher Atiqah,yesterday me and hanis made an experiment at the field...we put the sand in a drinking bottle which occupied with some water in it...and then we shaked it'
I replied with smile...'so did the sand dissolve?'.
...No, it didnt...she replied.
I was really happy to hear that and said 'you are very good!'

After leaving Adni, I am now teaching Environmetal Design Subject for Architectural students in UIA, Centre of more small children that always made me laugh...that is is in fact, a big jump for me...from teaching primary student, jumping into Pre-U students...but that is not a problem for long as you like and love in what you always gonna be alright! And of course after 2 years from now, i have to sacrify my future dream...after consider so many things over and over last i made up with a going to involved myself with children again...always positively thinks that the thing simply as 'what an excited moment! cant waittt!! and i can see a bright future in it...InsyaAllah...

p/s: sorry for any grammatical error..Im only a simple teacher with simple mistakes...

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The Sun berkata...

Really2 grateful for all of ur sacrifice n ur great effort to ur most beloved one..may Allah always bless u n give u a happiness ending!

The Sun berkata...

Really2 grateful for all of ur sacrifice n ur great effort to ur most beloved one..may Allah always bless u n give u a happiness ending!

Permata Nusantara berkata...

Thank you 'The Sun'...may happiness ending will be materialize one day....Amiinnnn (^_^)

Siti Nor Hafizah Thaifor berkata...

wow..a murabbiah..*two thumbs up*

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